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Purified Aprotinin

Specific activity
Origin3.0 ≥ EPU/mg
Aprotinin oligomers:≤1.0%
Impurity C:≤1.0%;
Any other impurity:≤0.5%;
Bacterial endotoxins:conform

Aprotinin, also known as Bovine pancreatic inhibitor BPTI , Kallikrein inhibitor , etc.. Its molecular formula is C284H432N84O79S7, which is a basic polypeptide chain containing 58 amino acid residues. Its molecular weight is 6.5KD (6511.44), and the isoelectric point is about 10.5.

  Aprotinin is a white or slightly yellow powder, odorless, soluble in water, soluble in 70% ethanol and 50% acetone, and so on ,available dialysis .

  Aprotinin is an inhibitor of serine proteases, which are used primarily for the treatment and prevention of pancreatitis; for the treatment of acute bleeding; for the treatment of shock; for the prevention of intestinal adhesion.

  This product is extracted from the cattle lungs, acid water extraction, ammonium sulfate precipitation to obtain the crude product of aprotinin, crude product and then acid precipitation, filtration, chromatography purification, sterilization, freeze drying of aprotinin freeze-dried powder products.

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